Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29 action at Boeing's annual stockholder's meeting in Chicago

Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune

On April 29 the Antiwar Committee held a protest at Boeing's annual stockholder's meeting at the Field Museum in Chicago. The purpose was to shed light on Boeing's part of drone warfare and to let the stockholder's know that they were a part of this warfare.

We recieved some pretty good mentions from the mainstream media, including the Chicago Tribune and WLS Channel 7-TV.
Click here to read the Tribune's story.
Click here to see the story on WLS-TV

This even found it's way into Stars and Stripes! Check it out here.
Thanks to John at Firedog Lake for this great video on the action. To see it, click here.

And thanks to all who participated and supported this action.


  1. Any thought to protesting the person who is charge of the drones? He home is just a few miles south. I don't see any mention of his name on any of the signs in the picture posted.

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