Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Occupation is a Crime: Militarization at Home and Abroad

When: Saturday, September 12, at 1:30pm
Where: UE Hall (37 S. Ashland in Chicago).
*Frank Chapman from the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
*Lorena Buni from AnakBayan-Chicago
*Sundous Daghash from the United States Palestinian Community Network
*Holly Kent-Payne from the Antiwar Committee-Chicago

Speakers will examine the U.S. system of war and domination of oppressed nations. We hope to strengthen the work of all our movements. We'll also be selling Rasmea t-shirts and mobilizing for her appeals hearing in Cincinnati, OH, on October 14.
From Ferguson to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!

In Palestine, the Israeli military routinely detains and abuses thousands of Palestinian political prisoners, including children.  In the Philippines, political activists are disappeared and murdered by the Aquino government with impunity.

In the U.S., a Black person is killed by police or vigilantes every 28 hours. Oppression is enforced by violence: extrajudicial killings.

Police crimes. Occupation. Siege. But the common enemy propping up these apartheid states, military dictatorships, and militarized police departments is the U.S. government.  The U.S. is the world's biggest warmongering superpower, and resistance in Gaza, uprising in Ferguson, and protest in Manila are all responses to its crimes. 
This year, Palestinians have marched in  Ferguson and countless Black Lives Matter protests. Black activists traveled to Palestine to oppose Israeli apartheid. Angela Davis, the iconic political prisoner from the 1970s, has shared the stage with Rasmea Odeh, a modern day victim of political repression. Activists from the Philippines have also joined in the protests for both Palestine and against police crimes here. And in July, solidarity activists joined Filipinos in Washington, D.C. for a tribunal on human rights abuses by the U.S. backed government in Manila. 

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