Monday, April 13, 2015

Stop Boeing From Selling Smart Bombs to the IDF! 

In November 2014, Boeing was awarded an $83 million contract by the Israel Air Force for providing 3000 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs). JDAMs are kits that convert unguided bombs into “smart” guided weapons. Just months earlier, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, killing over 2000 Palestinians, including 513 children. 

How important are these JDAMs for Israel’s wars? During Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09, out of all the bombs dropped, 81 percent were using Boeing’s JDAM tail, with Boeing’s satellite guided software. 

Since 2009, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) increased the percentage of guided munitions in their arsenal. Without exaggeration, we can say that Boeing contributed directly to the deaths of over 80% of the Palestinian dead. 

Therefore, we charge that Boeing is complicit in Israel's assault on Gaza and its cruel and illegal military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Boeing has the blood of thousands of Palestinians on its hands.  

Furthermore, Boeing’s Defense, Space, and Security department, which made the deal with Israel, is located in St. Louis, MO, about 15 miles away from Ferguson, MO.  When Ferguson community members were under siege by police terror in the wake of the murder of 18 year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, the people in Gaza expressed solidarity and support. Boeing’s new deal violates this special bond and puts money towards war that could be going toward education and eliminating the school to prison pipeline that disproportionately impacts Black and other oppressed nationality youth.  

We condemn Boeing’s business dealings with the IDF, from selling weapons to collaborating with Israeli armament companies. We demand that Boeing sever its ties with Israel and that Boeing prioritize production that improves the world, not destroy it.

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